Earring/Jewellery rail

Earring/Jewellery rail

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Adorable custom colour earring/jewellery hanger. The two bottom rails have holes in for studs, the hangers have 2 holes in to hold a pair of earrings, and the heart in the middle can be used to hang other jewellery too!!

10 hangers are included and additional ones can be added if required

I make all rails from 3mm acrylic sheets. However due to the way acrylic sheets are poured, their thickness can fluctuate throughout the sheet by a couple of mm. Therefore the tightness of the fit of the flat rail pieces in the slots *may* vary ever so slightly. This can be solved by placing a small dot of glue in the groove when assembling - alternatively there is an option for me to assemble and glue them together for you. 

 I personally glue mine as I have a cat and a rambunctious 4 year old, both of whom like to run around with reckless abandon and knock things over. If glued, it will not pack flat again so it is up to your personal preference.

*HANDLE WITH CARE!! The acrylic has a 3mm thickness and could break if stepped/sat on, bent too hard/handled with excess force.

The rail comes flat packed to enable easier shipping. To assemble, scan the QR code in your package to bring up the assembly video.

The entire rack comes in 5 pieces. 2 side parts, 2 bottom rails with stud holes, and 1 top rail for the hangers (and the hangers themselves of course!!)

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